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Manufacturing Engineer Resumes

  • Manufacturing Engineers must demonstrate how they made significant bottom line improvements to make an impact with their resume and in resumes. Unfortunately, many manufacturing engineers struggle with demonstrating their accomplishments and past successes. They list accomplishments, but they don't make a strong impact.
  • Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers demonstrates the resume writing techniques necessary for manufacturing engineers to stand out. Specific examples are provided throughout the book. For example, in Chapter Six, the book walks through the process of improving an accomplishment to get attention and impress hiring managers. Below is an excerpt from the book:

    Structure of an Accomplishment
    Accomplishments  need to show what you did and what the results were, and they need to be as concise as possible.  You want the reader to very quickly understand how you contributed to your employer.

    A good way to write an accomplishment is to lead off with the result.  You want to grab a person’s attention and make sure they read the entire bullet point.  If you lead off with the action you took or background information on the situation, the hiring manager may initially skip over the bullet.  Remember, the hiring manager will scan your resume quickly and decide whether to discard your resume or to keep reading after only 15 to 30 seconds.  You want your accomplishments to stand out so they are some of the first elements read.  The results you achieved are typically good attention grabbers, and should be used for this purpose.

    After the key results, you should explain what you did, providing just enough detail for the reader to get a basic idea.  You do not need to explain every nuance of the situation.  Many job seekers try to explain too much on their resume.  They include details like the manufacturer and model number of equipment they bought, or give specific dates when each action was taken.  There are rare situations where some details may be necessary, but usually, a more general approach will work. 

    The book then walks through a series of examples, detailing how to improve the accomplishment. Five separate examples are provided, with an assessment of each and recommendations for improvement, until the fifth example is reached. These examples all focus on an accomplishment typical of the type of project a manufacturing engineer would manage - a cost improvement project involving the acquisition of higher productivity equipment.

  • If you have failed to impress hiring managers, but have a track record of improving processes and delivering results, your problem may lie with your presentation of your accomplishments. Resume Writing for Manufacturing Careers can show you how to improve your resume.

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